Sexual Assault, commonly known as  act in which a person is pressurize or physically forced to engage against their will, or non-consensual sexualities​ i.e. touching of a person. Sexual assault is a form of sexual violence which is done forcefully with the person of other gender in an involuntary manner from the opposite side. Sexually abusing the other person is what SEXUAL ASSAULT can be tagged as.


 Coming up to teenagers and highlighting them in this aspect. The participation of the teenagers in these sorts of things must be taken into consideration.  A lot of cases from the edges of various Universities and colleges, cases like these heard are nowadays.  The teenagers all around are engaged in such activities that are not just ruining their future but affecting them in a terrible way.  Even after knowing that engaging in these activities will anyhow affect them in future in various aspects.



If we are engaged in the Sexual Assaulting will be affected in both the ways Mentally and Physically. Physically,if  we are sexually assaulted in an  involuntary manner then the scars for the same will remain our entire life. If the  person is pushed into a situation like this. It clearly depicts that person will be physically harmed as well. The person  will be affected mentally as well as physically and may be the pain for it will never overcome. Not only the person who is the victim of this pressure. But the one who engaged in it will also suffer from mental pain.




 The “teen age” where we grow more as our peer group is rather than growing according to yourself.  The peer pressure,  ego related issues and yes, the show off reason makes a teenager do that terrible things that ruins their future. Not only theirs, but act a black mark on their  families as well.  There are many such issues revolving around that our society must concentrate on and try to overcome. SEXUAL ASSAULT in Colleges and Universities is one of them.
The colleges, university and high schools are nowadays coming up with this issue . If not taken into consideration seriously then it may ruin the name of Nation as whole. The college campuses and universities must design few steps and ask their students to follow them. So that people must stop themselves from engaging in these activities.  Each college should have a counsellor. So that students can make someone listen their voice and can try to overcome from the situation that they undergo . The colleges just design a rule book underlining the kind of consequences a person can face if he indulges in such activities. So that the student think and can control themselves from all this. Each country has its own rules and punishments  and this is finalised by the jurisdiction of each country.


Solution can be sorted .First of all If the whole society stands together for something and pledge together. Finally as a result when each member in the society becomes the Voice rather than becoming an echo, hence then all such cases can come to end very easily.